Partiton name TRSG screen partition
Size (w x t x h) Wood: 600/700/1200/1400/1600/1800x18x300
Glass: 600/700/1200/1400/1600/1800x8x400
Manufacturer Made in Korea
Color Wood: Cherry/Beech/Chocolate/Grey
Glass: Blue
Price Wood: S69 (*width: 600. Normal price: S$149)
Glass: S$99 (*width: 600. Normal price: S$219)
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Colour your room. Colour your life!
Make better use of space. Functional and practical.
Multi sand screen partition.
Silver tone multi-edge design.
Plus rounded corner for additional touch of  sophistication.
Half-transparent glass partition
For best of both worlds: privacy plus easy communication.
Wide range of sizes and colors to choose from.
Color has therapeutic effects. It's easy to improve your workplace and change your mood by simply changing the color of your partition screen.  Experience the freshness of different seasons by simply changing the color panel. Color from a palette of 4 cool colors plus cool blue glass!
Half transparent - Blue