Korean office and study chairs:

Consumer case study:

A lady just had a slip disc. When she walked, she felt numbness on her leg. When she sat, she felt pain on her lower back. She could only sit for few minutes on all the chairs she had at home. She went to a certain chair shop selling ergonomic chairs in Orchard Road to look for a suitable chair which would enable her to sit for long hours at home and at work.  After trying all the chairs there, she couldn’t find any suitable chair as the chairs there didn’t have a lumbar support, only upper back support.
When she came to our showroom, she was in pain. After trying our wide range of ergonomic chairs (currently over 40 models), she found many chairs suitable for her as the chairs mostly have lumbar support. She shortlisted 2 chairs: New Euro and Wifi White. These 2 chairs have an extra lumbar support. In the end, she bought New Euro.
She was very happy with her purchase as the chair was suitable for her and a lot cheaper than the ones in town.
Several days later, we followed up with a courtesy call and found that she’s very happy with her chair.

Corporate case study:

An MNC in the IT industry newly set up a local office and looking for high tech chairs that fit their image and also ergonomic and comfortable for long-hour sitting and greater productivity.
After checking around various places & testing our chairs, they found several models suitable and eventually chose the Hive chair which has very good back support (adjustable lumbar support), very thick & comfortable seat & easy to maintain.
Photos show chairs being delivered to this client.

Corporate case study:

An MNC in Jurong Island was looking for heavy duty chairs for their operational staff to be used 24/7. In addition to being used round the clock, they needed robust chairs which can withstand rough handling and also harsh environment. Another criteria they had was the chairs had to be ergonomic and comfortable for long-hour sitting. After checking around with other suppliers and visiting our showroom to test our chairs, they found several models suitable and eventually selected the Lotze chair. They also preferred fabric chairs over other materials.
Photos show chairs being delivered.
Consumer case study:

A mother was looking for a chair for his teenage son. She wanted  an ergonomic and affordable chair which is value for money. The chair must also be suitable for the body of a teenage boy. They found several chairs suitable. Eventually, the son chose Mongblan with an Adustable Armrest. As he plays computer game and found the adjustable armrest a must for him. He also chose Mongblan because it came in Synthetic leather which he prefers over fabric.

Consumer case study:

A couple was looking for 2 chairs for their daughters, who are still studying. One of them had a back problem. They tested the chairs in our showroom and was very impressed by the wide range that was available. In fact, they were a little lost as they felt that most of the chairs were very comfortable and met their requirements. Eventually, they chose the Wifi for the daughter with back problem because it had an extra lumbar support. For the other daughter, they chose the Goindol chair because it is very comfortable and doesn’t take up much space.  They preferred mesh chairs as they felt they are more comfortable and cooling. They also like both chairs which have the same colour scheme: White and light blue.

Consumer case study:

A large marine company was looking for heavy duty chairs for their operational staff for 24/7 usage. In addition to being able to be used for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week i.e. very heavy duty usage, the chairs also had to be ergonomic and comfortable for long-hour sitting.

After trying the wide range of ergonomic chairs in our showroom & checking around with other suppliers, they shortlisted several of our chairs. They finally chose Lotze chair for meeting these 2 criterias in addition to the attractive pricing. They preferred fabric chairs over other materials. Photos below show the chairs being delivered to them.
Consumer case study:

A lady came to look for a chair for her husband. After trying all our chairs, she liked several models but shortlisted Prince Mesh and Wifi White as they were both mesh chairs and she found them both very comfortable. Eventually she chose Prince Mesh because according to her, her husband is quite tall and Prince Mesh is suitable for tall people. This chair is also fully adjustable: height, armrest and adjustable tilt. So she felt it to be a safer buy as it would be able to suit her husband as he could not come.

Consumer case study:

An expatriate who just arrived in Singapore has a slip disc problem. He needed a good chair for long hour sitting at home.  After trying our wide range of chairs, he selected Daks. He liked this model because it has an adjustable duoback that can be adjusted in and out to suit his body. The duoback also are contoured in such a way that support his lumbar. He felt this chair gave his body maximum support and comfort.

Corporate case study:

Our client is a MNC, one of the leading engineering companies in the world, with 20 subsidiaries and more than 2,000 employees distributed over every continent. They purchased 7 Niche chairs for their Singapore office. They had just finished renovating their office and were looking for office chairs. They visited us, tested the chairs, and liked the chairs so much that they placed their order on the spot. According to them, they chose our chairs because the price was right, the chairs were ergonomically designed, has good back support and were very comfortable.

Pictures of chairs and delivery:
Before the delivery, every chair was meticulously installed, quality checked and properly wrapped up to protect from scratches during delivery.
Our delivery men delivering the chairs with care. They have been working with us for over 10 years and are very experienced delivering all sorts of bulky products. They also give very good service to our customers.
Also widely used by SMEs and home owners with some testimonials below:
Corporate case study:

The client is an MNC from the medical industries. They purchased 28 chairs to replace old chairs in their office. 18 are Niche and 10 are Miracle chairs. They like the Niche chairs for their comfort and spaciousness. They use the Miracle chairs for offices and workstations which are more compact. Reason why they chose our chairs is that the seats are made from car foam and not the regular chair/sofa foam. This means that our char seats are not just more comfortable but also can last a much longer time.

Pictures of chairs and delivery:

I was attracted to the MUGA chair for Simplistic design yet ergonomic features at ergonomic prices when sourcing to replace an old home study desk chair for my school going children. This dual-seat chair design is unique, though seems awkward at first but is fast to get used to. Amongst our family my wife was also looking for a good ergonomic chair to relieve fatigue on her back, shoulders and neck due to long hours seated at her workstation in her office, tried the chair and was convinced enough for us to order our second unit.

My son stays seated this ergonomic chair for a longer span of time now while studying at the study table and is also happy with vibrant colours available for this range.

We are impressed with the MUGA chair which enhances our comfort with good support at the seat and improves concentration by avoiding fidgeting due to discomfort or aches, and thus trust the many more benefits listed by the supplier can be realized from prolong use of the MUGA chair design in lieu of a normal chair.

Recommendation to purchase MUGA chairs? A definite yes!

- Raymond, Singapore -

Just reach home. Tear away all the packaging and it was very nice with the gray backrest. Been sitting for 45 minutes. Very comfortable! So far no complaints. My wife waitied for me to be home to open ceremony. LoL. She also compliment that it is very beautiful. Thanks a lot!!

- Steven, Clementi -

At first I am on a look out for ergonomic chairs and after google search on it, I come across Iconic website. Thereafter, I went down to their office to try out the chair. Upon trying out, I am overwhelmed by their Korean made product. Their chairs are so comfortable and it really provides me with sufficient back and bottom support. As compared to other products that sells online or retail stores, Iconic products are really value for money and are reasonably priced. I am satisfied with their product and would be happy to recommend their brand to my friends.

- Leo, Compassvale -
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                  Actual photos sent in by Leslie Tan.

"The Black Quito mosquito machine is very efficient. When a horde of flying termites flew into my study, attracted by the bright lights, I switched the machine on, closed the door of the study, switched off the room lights. All the flies went into the machine. On a matter of minutes, all were left were their wings shredded off and their bodies glued to the glue paper.

          - Leslie Tan, Swettenham Road -
         Actual photo sent in by Chris.

"The Black Quito mosquito trap is very effective. We place it near the window, and it is on almost the entire day. We have been using the product for 1month, and it has caught many insects."

   - Chris, Ang Mo Kio Ave 9 -
The flies catcher is definitely useful and efficient. Before we purchased the flies catcher, we were very annoyed by the flies. However, after we installed the catcher, the number of flies had minimized. Thank you for the great product!

    - Le Cuisine, Chinatown Point -
The flies catcher is very effective. We used to have a lot of problems with lots of flies flying from outside. We placed it in the common area and the flies are now gone. Thank you for a great product that solved our problem! Now we've ordered more units for our other outlets.

     - Food Park, Segar Road -
Bought four Black Quitos for each of the three bedrooms & the other for the living room. Amazing that the equipment is able to capture insects in a relatively short time and able to sleep soundly as well as enjoying relaxing time in the living room without the buzzing mosquitoes or flying insects.

       - Mr Norman Tan, 12 Windsor Park Road -
Korean moquitoes and insect traps:

Korean storage & shelvings:

Consumer case study:

Office makeover using AniFrame system from Korea.

This is an office makeover by a well-known Japanese company in Orchard Road. See the great improvements clockwise from left to right:

1). Like most offices, the space above the printer is wasted as seen in the Before photo. Now the space above the printer can be used to store 2 shelves of printer papers and other items.

2). In most offices, the space up to the ceiling is wasted. In this case, the space can be used up to the ceiling level.

3). Without the shelving, the documents are all over the place. With the shelving, the documents are now easily accessible increasing productivity.

4). With our spacesaving AniFrame workstation, this place which used to sit only 1 person can now sit 3 people!

5). Again the space next to the workstations are now fully utilized!

6) Before makeover, old files are kept in cartons and not easily accessible. Now all the files are properly arranged and easily accessible.

As space in Singapore becomes more and more expensive, this is an excellent example of how our client cleverly use the AniFrame system and space-saving workstations to save space and increase productivity!

In addition, because of the quality and excellent finishing of our Korean products, the whole place looks very nice!

The quality of the shelves speaks for itself. Especially the black metal columns. Can't find anywhere in Singapore! Also available in white!

                                                                      - Kigi Pte Ltd -
* For details, see "Terms".
Many of our clients are MNCs based in Singapore who buy in bulk. Below are picures of 22 Daks chairs delivered to an MNC in Ang Mo Kio.
Thanks to Iconic for the wonderful and optimal usage of space that the Aniframe Storage Rack has help created for my residential store-room. The installation was really easy and completely boltless as claimed by the iconic portal home-page. The metallic frames by the side also provide space for mini display that I can use to display my magnetic decorations. The handy slots along the sides also facilitate hooks that I can easily attach to support portable trash bin for holding unused plastic bags and much more. It was indeed a relief to have this nice looking rack organized my storage boxes that would otherwise have given me endless headache. Thank you, Iconic for making it pleasant for me to access my store room each time. I highly recommend this useful and dashing shelving rack to anyone.

                                                                -  Mr Sim, Bishan St. -
The insect trap is very indeed very efficient, we used to have problems with flies but it is all now solved. Thank you for such a great product.

                                                                                    - Penjuru Foodcourt -
Many thanks for the wonderful service you have provided me throughout the whole retail experience! I must say you guys are very professional and accommodative to my many (and not so simple) requests!

This all started when I was looking for an ergonomic chair, which was meant to be a birthday present for my hubby. I know nothing about ergonomic chair and so I started to search for one from the website. Within seconds, I found ICONIC on the top of my search list. What I like about their website is that they have a whole range of chairs for me to choose from, and they have short description and comparisons of the various chair and you can read the detailed description for those you have shortlisted. It was really helpful.

Their sales staff replied to my enquiry the very next day. We spoke on the phone and he gave many advices on how I should select the chair and even encourage me to drop by at their showroom to try the chairs out.

The chairs are so comfortable and I am spoilt for choices! Eventually, I managed to select one, a black chair. The trip down is definitely worthwhile!

Last but not least, I would like to recommend for those who are looking for ergonomic chair, do not hesitate to visit ICONIC website and visit their showroom to try out their chairs. Their chairs are of good quality and is definitely value for money. Thumbs up for the folks at ICONIC! Great job and keep it up!.

- Lau Yen Hui -