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Many of our customers save time and money and purchase online. They love our detailed descriptions, transparent and special pricing & efficient services.

Prefer to shop online?
Sure, we offer:

The widest range of Korean chairs at the lowest prices.
1. Korean ergonomic office chairs for heavy duty usage & improved productivity by corporate clients.
2. Korean ergonomic study chairs for concentration and improved posture by home users.
3. Korean health chairs for people with back and neck issues.
4. Korean space-saving designer stacking chairs for meeting, training or homes.
5. Korean classroom chairs.
6. Korean space-saving foldable chairs.
7. Korean designer chairs for offices and homes.

With the widest range at the lowest prices, it's easy to find a chair that meets your needs.


The ICONIC Chair Centre is created for those who prefer to take their time to buy.

Visit: The ICONIC Chair Centre

At ICONIC, we have been selling chairs for years to both corporate and end users. We know that sometimes buying a chair that really meets your needs (especially if you have special requirements), often require you to take your time to try before you buy.

Bought a chair and later found not comfortable? Don't like to buy under the pressure of a shadowing salesman? Like to take your own time to try until you like? That's exactly what the ICONIC Chair Centre is for.  For away from the busy & stressful shopping centres where you can relax and think carefully before you buy.

The ICONIC Chair Centre offers:

1. Right environment:

Privacy to test our chairs away from busy shopping crowd. If you need more time to try, please avoid weekend peak hours.

2. Sound advice:

If you prefer some sound advice, our experienced staff with many years of chair knowledge, is always on hand to answer all your questions. Such as:

Which chairs most suitable for lumbar support?
Which chairs most suitable for upper back and neck support?
Which chairs best for students?
Which chairs best for big people?
Which chairs best for tall people?
Which chairs best for operational staff for 24/7 usage?
Which chairs for non aircon environment?
What are the unique feature(s) of each chair?
Why are the chairs designed the way they are?
Why some chairs have single seat, some dual seat?
Which materials are more durable?
Which materials are more cooling?
Why are different types of foam used?
Which chairs have armrest that can be removed?
Which chairs have wheels that can be removed?
Which chairs are available in white colours?

3. Merchandise:

Another key reason that makes us really stand out! Our merchandise are carefully selected to meet your needs. We import by container and we don't sell to retail shops so you can't find our chairs elsewhere. Most of our models are exclusive to us and cannot be found in other shops.

We bring in the widest range knowing that every person's body is different. What one person finds comfortable may not be comfortable for another. With the widest range you can surely find one that suits you.

So whether you're looking for ergonomics, comfort, special needs, design, heavy-duty usage, uniqueness & etc, we can meet all your needs!

What our clients say:
"Whoa, these chairs are so comfortable."
"They look better than the photos."
"Whoa, so many types. Finally I can find one that suits me!"
"These chairs are so unique, cannot find outside."
"Surprisingly affordable!"

4 unique ICONIC differences:

1. Ergonomics: lumbar, upper back and neck supports. Specialise in chairs for back/neck support.
2. Comfort: Contoured seats with thick high density foam. Designed and manufactured in Korea for Asian body forms.
3. Widest range:  Every body shape is different, having the widest range means that you can find one that suits your body shape.
4. Lowest prices.
Classic chair
Sale: From S$129
As the No.1 importer of Korean chairs, we offer the widest range of Korean ergonomic chairs in Singapore.

Whether you're looking for 1 or 100 chairs for your home, office or organisation, we have the right chair for you.

Why country of origin is important?
When a chair is "Made in Korea", all the parts and materials are from Korean suppliers. The chairs are not only more comfortable but also last longer as they're made from better quality parts and materials. Most of our chairs are exclusive and cannot be found elsewhere. Giving you the best value for money. As Warren Buffet said, "price is what you pay, value is what you get."

For more information on what's unique about our chairs and why people choose us, scroll to the bottom of this page.

Click each picture to see a detailed description and specs of each chair.

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Hula multi chair
Sale: S149
Multi leather chair
Sale: S$99
CF508A chair
Sale: S$179
CF508B chair
Sale: S$199
Brad stool
Sale: S$99
Character classic chair
Sale: S$169
Sedia chair
410 x 490 x 800mm
Sale: From S$129
New clo duo chair
Sale: S$169
Minos chair
Sale: S$169
DK-043 chair
Sale: S$249