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Name Sky FM
Size 245 (H) x 156 (L) mm
Material ABS/PP
Lamp LED 610nm
Power Battery operated
Natural air freshener Citronella
Components 1 Battery & 1 Citronella gel
Manufacturer Made in Korea
Price S$129 (Normal price: S$179)
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Love outdoor life but hate mosquitoes and insects?

Now you can enjoy outdoor life without being bothered by mosquitoes and insects with  our cutting-edge mosquitoes and insects repellent.

Can be used for: balcony, garden, yard and all sorts of outdoor activities like camping, hiking, fishing, picnic etc. Can also be used for indoor near windows, yard, balconies etc. See below for detailed explanation.
Our indoor products (Black Quito, Sky F, Mtrap) use the attraction and kill strategy. For outdoor, we use the repellent strategy!

This is a very innovative and highly effective invention after many years of research, testing and development.

What's more? We repel not only by wavelength but also sight and smell!

Unique product benefits for maximum effectiveness and human safety:

1). Primary repellent: 610~650nm lamp wavelength that mosquitoes hate (safe for humans).

2). Secondary repellent: Citronella gel and motor fan (safe for humans).

3). Diffuser cover over the LED lamp spreads out the wavelength to great distances (more effective than other products)

4). Transparent PP material and not glass for safety even if it drops will not hurt anybody.
Outdoor insects repelling device.
Product information:

1). Model name: Sky-FM

2). Size: 245 (H) x 156 (L)

3). Material: ABS/PP

4). Power: 1 Battery

5). Natural air freshener: Citronella
(safe for humans and nice smelling)

6). Lamp: LED 610nm

1). Insects hate 600-650nm wavelength. Our specially designed LED forms a sphere of protection around you which insects hate to approach. Yet it is harmless to human eyes. This product can be used for both outdoor and indoor. For indoor, put it near windows, balconies, yard or fence to form a wall of protection that prevents insects & mosquitoes from approaching you.

Especially useful if you're staying on low floors and landed properties as these properties tend to attract mosquitoes and all sorts of insects.

2). Mosquitoes and insects hate citronella smell. The small but powerful fan diffuses the citronella gel quickly and powerfully around you, forming a secondary sphere of protection that keeps insects (especially mosquitoes) away.

3). Convenient and portable battery operated device.

4). The dim light provides an excellent environment for sleeping both outdoor and indoors.

5). Made of strong materials that are not easily broken.
Repelling principles:

1). Once switched on, the quiet but powerful motor & fan work together, spreading the citronella fragrance rapidly, strongly & widely.

2). The spreading citronella fragrance disrupts the insects (especially mosquitoes) from sensing human.

3). Specially designed LED light with diffuser cap spread 615nm wavelength that insects and mosquitoes hate, forming a sphere of protection around the user.
The wavelength range that attracts insects.
The wavelength range that repel  insects.
Wavelength used by our other models
(Black Quito, Sky F series & M trap series.)
Wavelength used by Sky FM
Strategies of insects control used by us:

1). UV rays lamp (UV-A320~400nm) concentrates insects at one place first and then kill them. (Black Quito, Sky F series, Mtrap series.)

2). Orange colored luminous source wavelength (600~650nm) repel insects out of range and prevent their approach.  (Sky-FM)

How to control insects (& mosquitoes) for low floors, yard, landed properties and outdoor:

The most effective way is to use both blue and orange colored light sources as in above.

Light up the blue colored light outside the tent or house to focus the insects (& mosquitoes) and them kill them. (Black Quito, Mtrap, Sky F.)

Put the orange light source inside the house or tent to form a sphere of protection that prevents insects (& mosquitoes) from approaching. (Sky FM)

For high floor and non-landed properties, either of one strategy is enough, although you can also use both for maximum impact and according to your preferences.
How to use:

1). Remove foil and put the citronella gel into the case on top.

2). Once switched on, the LED lamp and fan work together.

3). Replace the battery: If daily used for 8 hours, one battery can last for about or more than 10 days.

4). When replacing the battery, citronella gel has to be replaced as well.

1. Don't leave it in the rain or allow water to get into the product.

2. Don't use with a normal lamp as a normal lamp will not be effective.
Check point before use:

1). Pull out the citronella gel case on top. Remove the foil and put the citronella gel into the case.

2). Check that the motor and fan are working properly when switched on.

3). Check that the lamp is lighting up.

4).Replace the battery if lamp is not lighting up or the light looks faded. Use size-D type of battery (one new battery included.)
What is citronlla?

This plant grows in the tropics and its oil is used for insect control, as a preservative and germicide. Its size is about 90cm. Its leaves are thin and long. It has great adaptability and grows in many places including Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Madagascar, Guatemala and South America etc.

The oil is extracted from dried leaves (not fresh leaves) by steam distillation.

The oil has a nice aroma and is refreshing and harmless to humans. In fact, it has many health benefits. It relieves the nerve and is good for headache, migraine and neuralgia. It is very refreshing and can stimulate the digestive organs.

Because of its nice smell, it is often used as raw material for perfume and cosmetics and is very safe for humans.

It's an effective sterilizer and preservative.

The oil can be used as insect repellents because it disrupts the insects from sensing humans, preventing them from approaching you.

Insects and mosquitoes hate this smell as it disrupts their senses and confuses them.
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