Actual photo sent in by Chris.

"The Black Quito mosquito trap is very effective. We place it near the window, and it is on almost the entire day. We have been using the product for 1month, and it has caught many insects."

           - Chris. Ang Mo Kio Ave 9 -
The 'mosquito' is the deadliest 'animal' in the world:
Source: World deadliest animals 2014 published by Gates foundation, with compilation of WHO materials. (Humans ranked No 2.)
In Singapore, dengue cases has been rising rapidly since 2012, rising to epidemic proportions in 2014, 2015 and expected to exceed 30,000 cases in 2016! Dengue cases will continue to rise due to global warming. Protect yourself and your family now!!
How do you protect yourself against this dangerous and irritating pest?

Spraying of insecticide is harmful to you and your family. Burning insect repellant is not only smelly but more toxic than cigarette smoking! Applying mosquito repellent on the body or clothing is another option but could irritate the skin and is very expensive and inconvenient.
After many years of research & development, Black Quito is the best solution.

Here's why:
Performance and design are key to our success.
Black Quito is designed by insects experts, with repeated and meticulous testing in the lab and by the market.
Here, we show you the hidden secrets of the design.
Secret #1: The lamp. A mosquito killer is as good as its lamp. The lamp is the single most important component of the mosquito killer. With a wrong lamp, the mosquito killer is useless. It is an 11W lamp.
The only lamp for attracting mosquitoes.
Insects are attracted by light.
However, different insects are attracted by different wavelengths.

Firstly, many of the insects lamps in the market are not specially created for mosquitoes. Black Quito's lamp is specially designed to produce accurate wavelength that attracts mosquitoes. This can be seen by the special black colour of the lamp. It is the lamp specially designed for Black Quito and most effective lamp in the market for attracting mosquitoes. Hence its name.

Secondly, the lamp cover is uniquely designed. It is designed to spread, instead of obstructing, the wavelength.

Finally, the lamp provides delicate and not disturbing lighting when you sleep and so can be placed anywhere in the house, including the bedroom.
The Black Quito lamp wavelength is uniquely designed to attract mosquitoes.
Wavelength that humans see.
The wavelength used by other lamps attract insects and not specially targeted for mosquitoes.
Secret #2: The white powder coating around the lamp is very effective in attracting mosquitoes.
This specially coated panel is the next secret.
It is specially coated with a white eco-friendly powder  that attracts mosquitoes very effectively.

This is our secret agent. It acts as a mosquito "food" that attracts mosquitoes.

In addition, it purifies the air in the room!

Our secret formula after many years of R&D!

Don't wipe it off.
Mosquito food :)
Secret #3: The specially formulated adhesive sheet.
It looks like normal glue paper but is actually a specially formulated adhesive sheet applied with specially formulated eco-friendly mosquitoes attracting agent.
Can be used for about 1 month. Mosquitoes and other insects adhere here. Very clean and hygienic. Very easy to use. No messy cleaning of dead moquitoes and insects. Very economical to replace.

Design, design, design: The machine is light and comes with an ergonomic top handle. You can hold the top handle, remove the cover from below in seconds without the need to unplug the machine (but switch off  the power.) Remove and discard the glue paper easily. Load a new one. All done within minutes. No mess. Easiest to use machine in market.
Secret #4: Very powerful but quiet fan that sucks in the mosquitoes and other flying insects. Comes with a speed adjustable dial switch.
This dial switch adjusts the fan strength.

Even at maximum strength, the fan is so quiet that you will hardly notice that the machine is working hard. No irritating noise to interrupt your life or sleep!
Application notes:
Q: Where is the effective place to set up Black Quito?

A: It is designed to work on any table, desk, counter or cabinet. Just place it at about table height from the floor. A normal table height is about 720 mm from floor. You can leave it on the table if you like. Or put it on a cabinet.
Q: When do we need to switch on?

A: You can leave it on for 24 hrs. However, the effect is  lowest during the day as it is very bright.
Q: What is the lifespan of the lamp?

A. 5,000 hrs. You can use it 13 hours a day for about a year. Our main design consideration is using the RIGHT lamp and not the longest lasting lamp. Using the right lamp is more important than using the wrong lamp that lasts longer.

Another important consideration is that we have sufficient stock of the lamps most of the time so they are easily available. And priced affordably.
Q: What is the effective range?

A: Depending on environmental factors, about 49.6m2.
Replacing the lamp is easy.
1. Hold the main body.
2. Turn left, and the main body is open.
3. Holding the lamp, turn left.
4. Remove the lamp, put in the new lamp and turn right.
5. When closing, fit in the part marked as red circle and turn.
How to use Black Quito most effectively?
1. Please put it away from humans.
Mosquitoes recognise Black Quito as humans.  If you are near the machine, you can be biten by the mosquitoes.
2. For indoor use, place it in a dark place.
The effect is better in a dark place. Place it in a dark corner if you can find one. Avoid bright lighting. Especially directly below or near a light source.
3. Place it about 1m from the floor.
When indoors, mosquitoes fly low. That's why Black Quito is designed on be placed on a normal table or cabinet. A normal table height is about 720mm and is a good height. However, you can place it on a slightly higher cabinet if you like.

Compared to other machines which are wall installed, Black Quito is more effective. Those machines are more effective for other flying insects. (See our Sky F machines.)
4. Avoid areas of strong wind turbulence.
For examples, near a fan, facing the aircon or other electronic equipments that blows out air. Air turbulence can affect the effective suction of mosquitoes into the machine.
Black Quito test results:
* Kill ratio test parameters.
Mosquito kill ratio (%),
Indoor temperature: 25 degrees Celsius.
Humidity: 62%

Repetition of tests = 4.
Mosquito kill ratio test results (%)
15 hrs
24 hrs
Tested by pests laboratory in health department, Korean University.

Black Quito succeeded up to
78% of mosquito kill ratio in laboratory testing. There is no machine that can achieve a 100% kill ratio. Many brands don't even have published test results.

Results may vary from place to place due to environmental factors and usage by customers.

Many of our customers have given us very positive feedback (as seen by some of the testimonies given above.) Many have returned to buy more machines and glue papers for themselves and also referred to others. This is the most important test of all.

Common sense in mosquito!
Mosquitoes are flourishing due to  the environmental changes like global warming.

Now moquitoes are carrying and spreading the Zika virus.
Mosquitoes disturb your sleep and is difficult to catch.
Many people suffer from mosquito bites and one million people in the world are killed by mosquitoes.
What do the mosquitoes like?
- Lactic acid, CO2, the temperature of about 36 degree, dark color, humid environment, the smell of the kind of lotion and hair product etc.
What do the mosquitoes dislike?
- Herb, mint, geranium, bright colored clothings.
Who is easily bitten by mosquitoes?
- Children & infants who secrete a lot of CO2 & lactic acid.
- Healthy people.
- Fat body types.
Diseases caused by mosquitoes:
- Humans: Malaria, Japanese encephalitis (5~30% fatality), Yellow fever or dengue (10~50% fatality) and Zika.
- Cattle: Akabane Disease, Epizootic fever, Ibaraki Disease etc.
- Chicken: Leucocytozoon Disease, Bloodsucking, Disturbed sleep (daily milk yield decreases.)
- Dog: Heart worm (100% fatality)
- Pig: Japanese Encephalitis
Usage tip for mosquitoes control devices:
Mosquitoes can come in through a small crack even if there are only a 2mm gap.

The heat radiated from human body warms up the air and flows to ceiling. Mosquitoes smell this smell from outside the window and fly into the room.  Hence it is a good idea to burn mosquito repellent incense on top or put up a mosquito net.

However, mosquito repellent incense is harmful for humans and mosquito net increases the surrounding temperature, thereby attracting more mosquitoes into the room.
Pest cotrol
Air cleaning
Economic feasibility


Electric insect trap

Black Quito
Black Quito is eco-friendly product. Highly functional and yet economical.
- Insecticides, smokescreens, disinfectant sprays: The effects soon wear off as time goes on.
- Mosquito repellent incense: It is more harmful than cigarette smoke.
- Insecticide is highly toxic and very harmful for human body.
- Insect repellent are troublesome to apply, costly and may irritate the skin.
Patented and certified!
[Patent certificate]
[Quality environment certificate]
[Environmental management certificate]
[lamp quality certificate]
[Europe CE certificate]
Patented, certified and proven to work.
Eco-friendly mosquito killer!
Mosquitoes are the deadliest insects in the world. In Singapore alone, dengue fever has been rising since 2012. In 2013, there were 22, 318 dengues cases. In 2016, MOH expected dengues cases in Singapore to exceed 30,000!
Black Quito. Not just a killing machine. It's a piece of art that fits into any home interior. Sitting elegantly, killing quietly.
manufactured in Korea.
FAQs: Why glue paper and not electric zappers? Why our glue papers are different from others? How much do they cost?

1). Hygienic: Electric zappers leave dead insect body parts in the machine and has to be cleaned regularly to prevent cross contamination of the air and food in the room. Decomposed insect body parts contain germs and are blown off the tray by natural breeze and wind from fans and aircon.
Glue paper avoid this.

2). More luring power: Our glue paper contain insect and mosquitoes "food" to attract and lure insects and mosquitoes.

3). Easier to clean and maintain: No need to wash tray containing insect body parts. Just discard used glue paper!

4). Economical: Our glue papers are priced very economically. Black Quito & Mtrap Plus glue papers cost only S$1.99 each, meaning that the monthly consumable is only S$1.99 every 1-2 months, depending on when you need to change. Change every 1-2 months or when the paper is full.
Sky F Plus II glue papers cost S$2.99 each. These are about double the size of the above.
For 2 other solutions: Mtrap and Sky F Plus II, see other pages by clicking these links:

For Mtrap Plus, click here.

For Sky F Plus II, click here.

Professional  quality & design.
Aesthetic & hygienic for homes, offices, factories,
hospitals, clinics, schools and businesses.
                       Actual photos sent in by Leslie Tan.

"The Black Quito mosquito machine is very efficient. When a horde of flying termites flew into my study, attracted by the bright lights, I switched the machine on, closed the door of the study, switched off the room lights. All the flies went into the machine. On a matter of minutes, all were left were their wings shredded off and their bodies glued to the glue paper.

                            - Leslie Tan. Swettenham Road -
Top FAQs:

1). Does it work?

Best in Korea and proven to work in Singapore as shown above.

2). How much per month?

The recurring cost is only the cost of glue paper which is $1.99 per piece. You need to change the paper once in only 1-3 months or when the paper is full. Meaning the recurring cost is only $1.99 every 1-3 months.

3). How to order glue papers?

Very easy. Just send us your payment by cheque, ATM transfer or internet banking. And we can mail you the papers within days. You can also purchase directly from our showroom.

Customers' testimonials:
The flies catcher is definitely useful and efficient. Before we purchased the flies catcher, we were very annoyed by the flies. However, after we installed the catcher, the number of flies had minimized. Thank you for the great product!

              - Le Cuisine @ Chinatown Point -
The flies catcher is very effective. We used to have a lot of problems with lots of flies flying from outside. We placed it in the common area and the flies are now gone. Thank you for a great product that solved our problem! Now we've ordered more units for our other outlets.

                              - Food Park @ Segar Road -
Bought four Black Quitos for each of the three bedrooms & the other for the living room. Amazing that the equipment is able to capture insects in a relatively short time and able to sleep soundly as well as enjoying relaxing time in the living room without the buzzing mosquitoes or flying insects.

                                 - Mr Norman Tan @ 12 Windsor Park Road -
Sale now on. No GST. Free Delivery.*
Name Black quito
Size (W x D x H) 230 x 230 x 260mm
Weight 1kg
Material ABS/PP
Power of lamp 11W
Lamp life 5,000 hrs
Glue paper use time 1~2 months
Effective range 40~50m2
Components 1 Black lamp & 3 Glue paper
Manufacturer Made in Korea
Price S$139 (Normal price: S$189)
Plus free delivery promo.
* For details, see "Terms".
For flies trap/killer for small rooms. (click here.)
For insects trap/killer for F&B outlets.
(click here.
For insects/mosquito repelling device for outdoor.
(click here.)
Iíve used the Black Quito for mnay months. Itís very effective. Our house has both mosquitoes and white flies problems. Both are very irritating. White flies are smaller than mosquitoes and they also bite. I didnít know about this until I open the Black Quito and found both mosquitoes and white flies caught on the glue paper! Now whenever I find mosquitoes flying about, Iíd turn on the Black Quito, close my room door and leave the room for a while. When I return to the room, the mosquitoes are gone! Initially, when I first started I found only a few mosquitoes and white flies on the glue paper. After 1-2 months, I was surprised to find so many! I didnít know that my house has so many mosquitoes. I thought it was only 1 or 2! Occasionally, a moth or other insects fly into my house. They also were caught! Very effective device! Now I cannot live without it. : )

                                   - Ms Teo @ Newton -
On 28 August 2016, MOH confirmed localised community spread of Zika virus infection in Singapore due to the Aedes mosquito vector. Since then, more and more clusters have been reported all over Singapore.