By Korea's leading kitchen accessories manufacturer with 40 yrs' experience.
"The practical knife set for every kitchen."
Antibacterial knife set.
Antibacterial effect 99.9%.
Benefit #2: Reputable manufacturer, harmless materials.
Our Korean manufacturer has been producing eco-friendly products for 40 yrs, using materials which are harmless to humans. See certifications below.

They have been exporting to developed countries like US, Australia & Europe. Now, we're launching it in Singapore.
Benefit #3: Practical and complete sets.
A practical knife set for  newly married couple and every kitchen.

An excellent gift set, complete with cutting board set and rice dispenser which every kitchen will need.
Benefit #4: Nice pastel colors and design.
2 nice pastel colors to choose from to match your kitchen: mint & pink.
Designed to be easily washed and cleaned.
Benefit #5: Removable knife block:
One of its biggest benefit is the removable knife block.

Unlike other brands, this knife block can be easily removed from the base for easy cleaning. In addition to the anti-bacterial material used (effective 99.9%), this feature keeps your knives clean, dry and bacteria-free.
Benefit #6: Automatic drain function: Automatic water drain function keeps your knives & knife block clean and dry. Very hygienic and convenient to use.
Benefit #7: Three ergonomically designed & practical knives:

Ergonomic handles ensure the knives are easy to use and accident free.
Compared to other brands, this is one area where our manufacturer's 40 yrs of experience stand out.

This knife set consists of 3 well chosen sizes, weight and features, meeting the needs of every household kitchen.

The small knife is light and useful for frequent usage such as cutting fruits. The medium knife is heavy enough to be used as a chopping knife for cutting vegetables, meat or fish and chopping functions. The large knife has a saw function for cutting an entire loaf of bread or cutting through bones and tendons.
Fully tested and certified by relevant authorities:
Beautiful pink knife set with flower motifs giving your kitchen the homely and cool look. Excellent quality and detailing.
Benefit #1: Made of antibacterial material.

Is your knife set made of antibacteria material?
Why is it so important?
Minute food particles can get trapped in the knife block. Most knife sets cannot be easily washed and food particles get trapped inside the knife block leading to propagation of germs and food contamination.

The knife block is not only easily removed for washing (see benefit # 5 below) but also made of antibacterial material. These 2 benefits ensure that your knife set is germ-free. This is particular important for household with children and elderly where their immune system is not strong.
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Name Knife set
(Matching cutting board set available)
Block size (W x D x H) 240 x 140 x 117mm
Total length (including handle) L: 325mm/M: 315mm/S: 230mm
Knife length L: 195mm/M: 185mm/S: 130mm
Weight 1kg
Material A.B.S
Components 3 different types of knives for different purposes
Manufacturer Made in Korea
Price S$99 (Normal price: S$149)
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