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called them many times and each time I had to pay $100 for on-site service. It was not only a waste of money but time as each time I had to take leave and meet them at my mother's house. I'm totally disappointed with that company.

Now I'm very happy to be using the ICONIC cameras.  As they promised, the cameras are really very easy to setup. Even I could do it myself. So I'm not worried about it not working anymore in future. Also there's no need for me to update the IP address. I could monitor my mother's house from my home. There were additional features which were not available with the other cameras. Such as I can record or take pictures. I can hear what my mother and her maid are talking about! I can also view them from my iPhone. It's simply amazing! Best of all, their service is very prompt and courteous. Well done, ICONIC!

Elaine Ng, Siglap
I need to monitor my mother and her maid from my house. As I'm not staying with my mother and she's getting old, I had to make sure her maid is giving her the right care and medication.

Before using ICONIC cameras, I was using some other IP cameras installed by another well-known company. Initially, the cameras worked well. However, after a few months, the cameras stopped working when I tried to view it from my house. They told me I had to update the IP address or something like that which I still don't understand.

As I didn't know how to update the system on my own, I asked them to come down. They updated the system and it was working after I paid them $100 for on-site service. Few months later, the cameras stopped working again. All in all, I
I can't believe how easy it is to set up Iconic IP camera, it's almost like right out of the box! The video quality is great! I now can see and even hear my 3-months old baby wherever I am.
Thanks, ICONIC!

Daniel, Kallang
I just finished installing the ICONIC IP camera. I was amazed at how easy it was to get it up and running. Within 10 minutes I had live feed. I used the cameras to watch my 4 months old baby and maid at home. I am very pleased with the image quality and the flexibility to view the camera from my IPhone and my office laptop. Now I can see exactly what is going on with my baby 24/7. Best value for money!

Hendrawati Lim, Eunos
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I bought ICONIC pan-tilt camera, the quality is good and very easy to configure. It only took me 10 minutes to set it up by myself. Very easy to use and also can cover big angle.

Valerie, Bukit Batok
I have two Iconic IP cameras. Initially I only wanted to purchase one. But then after finished installing the first camera, I was very satisfied so that I purchased another one. I installed the camera to watch my baby and the nanny at home. I am very satisfied with the image quality as it is very clear and I can see it from wide angle. I highly recommend this camera for working mommies as its very useful and easy to install!

Lucy, Tampines
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