The ICONIC IP camera is the world's #1 easiest-to-use IP camera!

Anyone can easily plug in the camera to their router and access anywhere in the world on their PC, iPhone or Android phone. All other remote cameras require complicated DNS name or router's settings. Free application software on Apple Store and Android Market.

The ICONIC IP camera is simply plug & play. Anyone can do it in minutes! It is simply the best value IP camera!

Why does our IP Cameras stand out?
  Easiest to use
  No need complicated settings
  Set up in minutes
  Anyone can do it in their home/office
  Save on technician costs
  Comprehensive range of cameras available: wired,
    wireless, HD, night-vision and outdoor.
  Flexible access: computer & mobile phones
  Flexible recording: computer, SD-Card, Network Attached 
    Storage (NAS)
   Best functions
  Great value for money!
  Elegant design
  Excellent customer and after- sales service
What's the difference between IP camera and CCTV camera?
The traditional approach to surveillance using a camera is the CCTV. The main disadvantage is that CCTV cameras cannot work by itself. It has to be connected to a DVR (digital video recorder). There are several problems related to this.

Firstly, there is the issue of installation as a CCTV camera is typically connected to a DVR using a BNC cable. This requires the installation with trunking which is not only costly but unsightly.
Secondly, in order to connect the CCTV camera and DVR to the internet, additional cabling is required. In addition to installation cost and messy cabling, this solution has the same problem as the need for complicated settings (see section on: "What's the problem with other IP cameras?") Finally, the issue of maintenance and shifting. If you move the cameras from room to room or location (such as shifting house, office or shop), you'll need to reinstall everything all over again. Meaning additional time and cost.

Hence the CCTV solution is only used in offices and shops which have high budget for installation (over S$1000) and situations where the installation is permanent. Since there is also the problem of cabling, it is not suitable for home or office owners who are particular about interior design.

With the advances in technology, there are now 2 better solutions. They are the IP and web cameras. The most common known benefit of an IP and web camera is the ability to view live video over the Internet from anywhere in the world. This offers the advantage of monitoring a location or property while you are not physically there to observe activity for suspicious behavior. Overall, the IP camera gives the best value for money.

What's the difference between IP camera and Web camera?
For access over the internet from anywhere in the world, it's best to use either the IP or web cameras.

The web camera works by connecting to the PC through a USB cable. It's a cheaper solution. However, since the web camera needs a computer connected, it's not flexible for most applications. The IP camera, on the other hand, can work without a PC. It costs a little bit more but is very flexible as it only needs to connect to your wired or wireless network. An IP camera has a built-in ability to connect to the internet so no additional hardware or software is required. The camera can be accessed through Internet Explorer. Additionally, the ICONIC IP camera can be accessed on Android phones and iPhone. Overall, again the IP camera gives the best value for money.

What's the problem with other IP cameras?
You spend some time to install the IP camera in the home/office network following the installation guide. After some effort, you will be able to see the video on your PC or notebook in your home/office. That's no problem for all IP cameras. The problem comes when you want to view the video OUTSIDE your home/office. This is because you will need to do some complicated configurations on your NAT/router device, like DDNS setting, port mapping or virtual server settings. Otherwise, you will need to apply for a fixed IP service from the Internet Service Provider (ISP) and re-install the IP camera again. If you have some knowledge about NAT/router devices, it's possible that you could finally make it work after many hours of hard work. But in most cases, you will give up because it's too complicated.

What are the benefits of ICONIC IP camera?
We know the problem you will face and we know how to solve this. We make it very easy for you from the first step of installing the ICONIC IP camera to the last step of seeing the video outside your home/office. After the IP camera is connected to the home/office network, you can run the CamView software to auto-search the IP camera and double click it to see the video. When you are outside your home/office, you only need to key-in the unique ID number of the IP camera and its password on the CamView software to see the video. You don't need to do any modification on your NAT/router device or apply for a fixed IP service.  It's just this easy. Besides ease-of-use, the ICONIC IP camera also wins in terms of design and the overall best value for money.

In summary, the benefits of ICONIC IP camera are:
To view live camera demos for ICO models from Internet Explorer only, click here:
called them many times and each time I had to pay $100 for on-site service. It was not only a waste of money but time as each time I had to take leave and meet them at my mother's house. I'm totally disappointed with that company.

Now I'm very happy to be using the ICONIC cameras.  As they promised, the cameras are really very easy to setup. Even I could do it myself. So I'm not worried about it not working anymore in future. Also there's no need for me to update the IP address. I could monitor my mother's house from my home. There were additional features which were not available with the other cameras. Such as I can record or take pictures. I can hear what my mother and her maid are talking about! I can also view them from my iPhone. It's simply amazing! Best of all, their service is very prompt and courteous. Well done, ICONIC!

Elaine Ng, Siglap
I need to monitor my mother and her maid from my house. As I'm not staying with my mother and she's getting old, I had to make sure her maid is giving her the right care and medication.

Before using ICONIC cameras, I was using some other IP cameras installed by another well-known company. Initially, the cameras worked well. However, after a few months, the cameras stopped working when I tried to view it from my house. They told me I had to update the IP address or something like that which I still don't understand.

As I didn't know how to update the system on my own, I asked them to come down. They updated the system and it was working after I paid them $100 for on-site service. Few months later, the cameras stopped working again. All in all, I
I can't believe how easy it is to set up Iconic IP camera, it's almost like right out of the box! The video quality is great! I now can see and even hear my 3-months old baby wherever I am.
Thanks, ICONIC!

Daniel, Kallang
I just finished installing the ICONIC IP camera. I was amazed at how easy it was to get it up and running. Within 10 minutes I had live feed. I used the cameras to watch my 4 months old baby and maid at home. I am very pleased with the image quality and the flexibility to view the camera from my IPhone and my office laptop. Now I can see exactly what is going on with my baby 24/7. Best value for money!

Hendrawati Lim, Eunos

What's mCamView?
mCamView is the innovative software for 3G mobiles running on iPhone, Android mobiles to view the video of ICONIC IP Camera by ID and password. No public IP address is needed for the IP camera, no port mapping or DDNS is needed for router configuration. To see the video from your 3G mobile phone or PDA anywhere, anytime, just key in the ID/password of the IP camera. You can pan and tilt the ICONIC camera from your iPhone (if you're using the ICONIC Pan-Tilt camera) and zoom in from your iPhone! It's simply the best apps for viewing your IP camera.

Download and Install mCamView:
For Apple iPhone, please search mCamView on App Store.
For Android, please search, mCamView on Android Market.
The ICONIC IP camera support live recording into standard NAS (Network Attached Server) devices. It records to the NAS devices using the standard LMX_NS/CIFS/SSN protocols that are the same used by the Microsoft Windows network neighborhood and the Samba server in Linux. The IP cameras can record to all the existing NAS devices in the market without additional NVR function on the NAS device, the benefits are:
   1. All the existing NAS devices become NVR devices.
   2. You can choose the NAS devices to meet your requirements.
       Price ? low to high.
       Quality ? normal to excellent.
       Data security ? Raid0 to Raid4.
       Capacity ? hundreds of GB to lots of TB.
       Brand ? unbranded to well known brands - choose the one with best value for money.
   3. No extra charge for the NVR functions or devices.

Full functions of recording schedules are supported such as on any time period of everyday or every week days continuously or only if there is any motion detection events and/or digital input triggered events. The recorded video files can be easily played back by the bundled CamPlay software. In summary:
    1. Recording to NAS easily by the name or IP address of the NAS device.
    2. Overwrite the old files circularly to maximize the NAS usage.
    3. Full recording schedules supported.
    4. Events(motion and digital input) triggered recording supported.

If the NAS device and the IP camera(s) are on the same local area network, the IP cameras can easily record to the NAS device by the NAS name, no IP address is needed.
If the NAS device is in the public domain area, the IP camera(s) can record to the NAS device by connecting to the public IP address of the NAS device.

The followings are the basic NAS recording application architectures:
NAS Recording for ICONIC IP Camera
The ICONIC Pan-Tilt and Mega-Pixel cameras support live video recording into micro SD cards. The benefits are:
   1. No video data lost caused by the network problem if recording to NVR.
   2. Cheap and compact.
   3. Can be used for short-term backup of the video.
   4. Best value for money.

Full functions of recording schedules are supported such as on any time period of everyday or every week days continuously or only if there is any motion detection events and/or digital input triggered events. The recorded video files can be easily played back by the bundled CamPlay software. In summary:
   1. Recording to micro SD card easily.
   2. Overwrite the old files circularly to maximize the SD card usage.
   3. Full recording schedules supported.
   4. 32G SD-Card supported.
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I bought ICONIC pan-tilt camera, the quality is good and very easy to configure. It only took me 10 minutes to set it up by myself. Very easy to use and also can cover big angle.

Valerie, Bukit Batok
Read this section only if you want to do your video recording into NAS devices. This requires technical knowledge of NAS devices. Otherwise, you can skip this section. Alternatively, our technician can help you to set up such recording.
I have two Iconic IP cameras. Initially I only wanted to purchase one. But then after finished installing the first camera, I was very satisfied so that I purchased another one. I installed the camera to watch my baby and the nanny at home. I am very satisfied with the image quality as it is very clear and I can see it from wide angle. I highly recommend this camera for working mommies as its very useful and easy to install!

Lucy, Tampines
Boosting the signal with wireless extenders:
The setting-up of the 4 cameras and 1 NAS was very easy.  As some of the rooms were further away from the router than others, the centre used wireless extenders which we can provide (in this case, the client already has them installed). So the wireless signal was not an issue at all. In this way, the Iconic ip camera can be used in any setting, regardless of number of rooms and building size.
A learning centre in Singapore installed 4 Iconic pan-tilt IP cameras in each of the classroom and the reception area with 1 Iconic NAS (Network Attached Storage) system for live recording.

The purpose of installing the ICONIC pan-tilt IP cameras is to monitor how the staffs are working and also for security reason as the owner of the learning center is seldom around.
This allows him to keep in touch with his business and make improvements even when he is overseas.
With the ICONIC IP cameras, he can see the camera from anywhere and everywhere using his iPhone.
How the Iconic IP cameras and NAS recording works:
The IP cameras are connected wirelessly to the NAS and the NAS is connected to the internet router using the LAN cable. Its just as easy as that.

Once that is done, you can do live recording into the Iconic NAS device immediately. The client uses a 500GB hard-disk which can record live all 4 cameras 24 hours a day for about 1 month and easily 3 months for 1 camera. If longer recording time is required, a larger hard disk can be used.  The Iconic NAS supports up to 2 TB hard disk.

The Iconic camera has a very useful setting called circular recording which keeps recording into the NAS and automatically replaces the old files so that the hard disk never runs out of space. In this case, the client uses the circular recording setting so his 500GB hard disk can be used indefinitely.
Application of ICONIC IP Cameras in a Learning Centre in Singapore
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