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Sky-F plus ll, highly commended by customers and disinfection service companies!
Noiseless & smelless. Safe and hygienic eco-friendly pest eradication.
Sky-F gurantees your family's and customers' health!
Flies are attracted to and gather around UV rays.
Sky-F is the application of this instinct.
Polished design.
Patented electric pest eradication.

Currently, it is exported to over 10 countires in the world.
Eradicate flies, mosquitoes and other harmful insects all in one machine!

Eco-friendly pests eradication.
Noiseless & Smelless! Safe & hygienic indoor pest eradication. Purifies the air simultaneously.
3. Simple to clean and maintain.
Unlike electric zappers which kill the pests by electric shock with the insect remains dropping onto a tray, SKY-F design is totally different. Pests are attracted by BL lamp and killed by adhering to specially designed glue paper. No danger of insect remains accidentally dropping out of the tray. No unsavoury cleaning needed. The glue paper are specially designed to be easily removed and discarded! Glue papers price are economical.
1. Safe & hygenic design.
Under FDA, HACCP regulation, pest eradication machines should not allow dead insect remains to drop out of the machine as it can contaminate food in the food outlet or home. For e.g. natural breeze or wind from fan etc can blow insect remains out of the machine. Using glue paper and special machine design, there is no possibility of this happening, unlike other machines in the market.
1. Pests are lured by the wavelength of our specially designed BL lamp and attracting agent.

2. It takes only 10 minutes or less to do that.

3. Pests are exterminated by the eco-friendly glue paper inside the machine.
The killing principal

Revolutionises the concept of the normal killing machine.

Pests, flies, mosquitoes & other flying insects are attached to the glue paper. Very hygenic & aesthetic. No insect fragments in trays.
A must have basic equipment for all restaurants, cafes, coffee shops, food factories, hospitals, kitchens, landed properties, homes, offices, industries etc where flying pests are a problem and hygiene is important.
The wavelenght that the pests respond.
- Model name
- Weight
- Dimension
- Voltage
- Electric power
- Lamp
- Material
LED timer & eco-friendly lactic acid coated panel!
Easily check the replacement date of glue paper!
Green color 10 days in use.
LED timer!
Lights up when time to replace glue paper.
LED light green color: means that the glue paper has been used for 10 days.
You can set up orange color as 20 days & red color as 30 days to know the replacement date of the glue paper.
(e.g. if you want to replace the glue paper once a month (30 days), you can set it up to light up the red color. After the setting, as the replacement date is coming up, the light flickers.)
Sky-F box.
Sky-F main body detailed drawing:
It's Korea's most popular insect killer.
As shown in Korean drama.
How to use:
1. Fix the screws onto the position you like.
2. Fix it into the holes on the back panel.
3. Make it balanced.
How to replace the glue paper:

For aesthetic and hygiene reasons, the glue paper is designed to be hidden inside the machine so that the pests cannot be seen by your family or customers. At the same time, it is easily removable as shown below:
3. Put the folded glue paper in the front cover.
5. This image shows real pests caught in the glue paper.
1. Yellow color is front part. Remove the white paper.
How to replace the Sky-F lamp:

Recommended to use the lamp for 24 hrs.
To see the best effect, replace it every  4~6 months regularly.
1. Pull the front cover slightly and separate it.
2. Remove the used lamp.
3. Insert the new lamp.
Stop using electric swatter & zapper!

Added eco-friendly attracting agent with lactic acid coating,
it was upgraded from Sky-F and the luring effect is stronger.
With LED timer, you can check the date to change the glue paper.
2. Very effective operation through a number of studies.
The pests are phototactic. They are attracted BL wavelength instinctively. Sky-F is a highly technical product attracting the pests by BL lamp.
4. Only 7 minutes to attract the pests!
It takes about 7 minutes to attract the pests and kill (results may vary from location and position of the machine.)
The reason why using BL (Black Light)!

Pests are phototactic & they like BL wavelength instinctively. They respond actively to 352mm wavelength.

Flies dislike air current so we don't use motor.
Flies are active, so normally they are captured by the wavelength within 10 minutes.
The advantage of Sky-F:

It is very suitable for aircon & non-aircon indoor such as home, office & business use.
For business use:
- Improve the working environment.
- Reduce customer complaints & displeasure caused by flies & pests.
- Prevent food contamination.
- Save trouble catching flies.
Explanation of Sky-F:

Detailed information:
Easy to use. You can leave it on for 24 hrs.
Inexpensive and effective. Prevent food contamination and the spread of infectious diseases.

Eco-friendly lactic acid coated panel.
Orange color 20 days in use.
Red color 30 days in use.
LED lamp
Set up button
* How to set up:
1. Pressing the set-up button for about 3 seconds, the light starts blinking.
2. Press the button again and set up the color you want.
Sky-F product components:

It looks simple & elegant, but it's the most sophisticated insect killing machine available in the market!
Main body.
3 glue papers.
Additional can be easily purchased.
2 lamps
Additional can be easily purchased.
Instruction manual.
4 crews for wall-hanging.
Magnets for attaching to main body.
Catch for easy inserting of glue paper.
Glue paper.
Eco-friendly attracting agent, lactic acid coated panel.
1. Place it about 1.5 m~1.8 m from the floor.
2. Use for 24 hrs.
3. Depending on pests density, replace the glue paper every 1 month.
4. Sky-F lamp can last about 4 to 6 months if used 24 hrs a day. Replace it regularly. We stock sufficient lamps for easy purchase. They are priced very economically.
5. Usage range is about 50~60 m2.
4. Connect to the powerpoint and switch on.
2. Fold it in half as shown above.
4. Insert the glue paper in the pin as shown above.
Hole for wall-hanging.
LED timer.
BL lamp.
Where to use & usage examples:

Anywhere where hygiene is important such as: homes, restaurants, cafes, grocery stores, hospitals, department stores, rest-rooms and food factories etc.
Below are some actual customer applications:
4. Fix the front cover to the magnets of the main body.
Sky-F Q & A
Q: Where to use?

Recommended for indoor use (with and without aircon) like homes, resturants and hotels etc.

Q. When to switch on & off?

Can be on for 24 hrs as it can purify and sterilize the air  by UV rays lamp.
Q. Is there any chance of the insects flying out alive again?

Once the insects are captured by the glue paper, it cannot come out as the glue paper is specially designed for strong adhesion. It captures 100%.
Q. How long the Sky-F lamp can last?

About 5,000 hrs. It is most effective to replace every 4~6 months regularly.
Q. What is the usage range?

It can be different depending on environmental factors, however, normally it is about 50~60 m2.
Flies killing ratio within 8 hrs: 92%
After 8 hrs: 99%
Test results:

Test organization: Japanese Techno Service Application
Biological department Insects team. (PIC: Mr Guroda)
Test place: Takarazuka, Hyogo, Japan.
1. Setting up.
2. Sky-F.
3. Killing.
4. Glue paper.
The killing effect:
Model name      Repitition      No. of flies
Killing ratio
      1 hr              2 hrs            4 hrs            6 hrs              8 hrs
The killing effect:
  Model name   Repitition   No. of flies
Killing ratio
   1 hr           2 hrs        4 hrs           6 hrs       8 hrs
In the chamber in 8 hrs
Alive         Dead
Patented & Certified:
Manufacturing process & warehouse:
For home & office:
- Release stress caused by flies and pests.
- Prevent diseases caused by flies and pests.
- Reduce the cost of insecticide/repellent incense.
- Protect the occupants from insecticide/repellents which are toxic to humans.
FAQs: Why glue paper and not electric zappers? Why our glue papers are different from others? How much do they cost?

1). Hygienic: Electric zappers leave dead insect body parts in the machine and has to be cleaned regularly to prevent cross contamination of the air and food in the room. Decomposed insect body parts contain germs and are blown off the tray by natural breeze and wind from fans and aircon.
Glue paper avoid this.

2). More luring power: Our glue paper contain insect and mosquitoes "food" to attract and lure insects and mosquitoes.

3). Easier to clean and maintain: No need to wash tray containing insect body parts. Just discard used glue paper!

4). Economical: Our glue papers are priced very economically. Sky F Plus II glue papers cost S$2.99 each. These are about double the size of Black Quito & Mtrap Plus. Black Quito & Mtrap Plus glue papers cost only S$1.99 each, meaning that the monthly consumable is only S$1.99 every 1-2 months, depending on when you need to change. Change every 1-2 months or when the paper is full.
For 2 other solutions: Mtrap and Black Quito, see other pages by clicking these links:

      For Mtrap Plus, click here.

      For Black Quito, click here.
Top FAQs:

1). Does it work?

Best in Korea and proven to work in Singapore! Why suffer from mosquito bites, flies, fruit flies, termites and other pests? Be freed from these pests immediately like our customers did.

2). How much per month?

The recurring cost is only the cost of glue paper which is $3.95 per piece. You need to change the paper once in only 1-3 months or when the paper is full. Meaning the recurring cost is only $3.95 every 1-3 months.

3). How to order glue papers?

Very easy. Just send us your payment by cheque, ATM transfer or internet banking. And weíll mail you the papers within days.

Professional  quality & design.
Aesthetic & hygienic for restaurants, cafes, kitchens, shops, offices, factories,
hospitals, clinics, schools, businesses and homes.
Sale now on. No GST. Free Delivery.*
Name Sky-F (standard model)
Sky-F Plus (advnaced model)
Size (W x D x H) 500 x 130 x 230mm
Weight 1kg
Material ABS/PP
Power of lamp 11W
Lamp life 5,000 hrs
Glue paper use time 1~2 months
Effective range 40~50m2
Components 1 Black lamp & 3 Glue paper
Manufacturer Made in Korea
Price Sky-F: S$179 (Normal price: S$229)
Sky-F Plus: S$199 (Normal price: S$259)
Plus free delivery promo.
* For details, see "Terms".
For mosquito trap/killer for homes.
(click here.
For flies trap/killer for small rooms. (click here.)
For insects/mosquito repelling device for outdoor.
(click here.)
         Actual photo sent in by Chris.

"The Black Quito mosquito trap is very effective. We place it near the window, and it is on almost the entire day. We have been using the product for 1month, and it has caught many insects."

           - Chris. Ang Mo Kio Ave 9 -
                       Actual photos sent in by Leslie Tan.

"The Black Quito mosquito machine is very efficient. When a horde of flying termites flew into my study, attracted by the bright lights, I switched the machine on, closed the door of the study, switched off the room lights. All the flies went into the machine. On a matter of minutes, all were left were their wings shredded off and their bodies glued to the glue paper.

                            - Leslie Tan. Swettenham Road -
Customers' testimonials:
The flies catcher is definitely useful and efficient. Before we purchased the flies catcher, we were very annoyed by the flies. However, after we installed the catcher, the number of flies had minimized. Thank you for the great product!

              - Le Cuisine @ Chinatown Point -
The flies catcher is very effective. We used to have a lot of problems with lots of flies flying from outside. We placed it in the common area and the flies are now gone. Thank you for a great product that solved our problem! Now we've ordered more units for our other outlets.

                              - Food Park @ Segar Road -
Bought four Black Quitos for each of the three bedrooms & the other for the living room. Amazing that the equipment is able to capture insects in a relatively short time and able to sleep soundly as well as enjoying relaxing time in the living room without the buzzing mosquitoes or flying insects.

                                 - Mr Norman Tan @ 12 Windsor Park Road -
Iíve used the Black Quito for mnay months. Itís very effective. Our house has both mosquitoes and white flies problems. Both are very irritating. White flies are smaller than mosquitoes and they also bite. I didnít know about this until I open the Black Quito and found both mosquitoes and white flies caught on the glue paper! Now whenever I find mosquitoes flying about, Iíd turn on the Black Quito, close my room door and leave the room for a while. When I return to the room, the mosquitoes are gone! Initially, when I first started I found only a few mosquitoes and white flies on the glue paper. After 1-2 months, I was surprised to find so many! I didnít know that my house has so many mosquitoes. I thought it was only 1 or 2! Occasionally, a moth or other insects fly into my house. They also were caught! Very effective device! Now I cannot live without it. : )

                                   - Ms Teo @ Newton -