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Why does this gadget stand out?
Monitor secretly
Easiest to use
∑  No complicated settings
∑  Set up in minutes
∑  Anyone can do it in their home/office/ shop
∑  Save on technician costs
∑  Our software supports 20 simultaneous cameras
∑  Flexible access: computer & mobile phones
∑  Flexible recording: computer, SD Card, Network Attached Storage (NAS)
   Best functions
∑  Excellent customer and after- sales service
Turn your conventional CCTV into IP camera using the ICONIC video server.

It translates the analog video to digital video, compresses the video by MPEG4 technology and sends the video to internet. The ICONIC video server can be easily integrated with a CCTV camera to become an IP-based system.

The user can install this product easily on his/her network connecting with a CCTV camera and then access the video anywhere in the world through the accompanied video management software-CamView. You get this video easily without setting some complicated DNS name or changing the routerís settings. Itís just a plug & play action and trouble-free installation.

With 3GPP/ISMA support, users can see the video of the video server on any 3G mobile phone anywhere, anytime.

The ICONIC video server is ideal for securing buildings, offices, factories, and residences over a local area network and/or the Internet.

S$299 only!
∑ Value   ∑ Functions   ∑ Design
spy cam 2
spy cam 1
spy cam 1
video server
Price? S$399 only! (hidden/ spy camera + video server)
∑  Translate analog video to digital MPEG4 video for internet transmission.
∑  Easily access the video from anywhere in the world via the ID/password
∑  Dual video streaming with separate frame rate/resolution/bandwidth settings for PC and mobile.
∑  Connect up to 20 users simultaneously
∑  Supports enhanced MPEG-4 compression
∑  Supports resolution of up to full D1 at 30 fps.
∑  Free video management software CamView accompanied for easy access and multi-videos management.
∑  View video from your local or internet network
And many other models available!
alarm clock hidden camera
car key hidden camera
car key hidden camera2
clothes hook hidden camera
pen hidden camera
pen hidden camera2
watch hidden camera
tissue box hidden camera
wall clock hidden camera
Rechargeable Spy Video Recorders
Record up to 4 hours discreetly with the ICONIC rechargeable spy video recorders. Record discreetly without being noticed. Easy to carry. Blend in with any environment.
Price? from
S$125 only!

Widest range available in Singapore!
A businessman and his wife in Singapore uses the Iconic hidden camera and Iconic video server to monitor their maid only in the living room as they are working professionals and not at home during office hours. They have a child 4 yrs of age and a maid to look after her. They want to be able to see what the maid does at home and how she takes care of their child.
iconic mini cam
Application of the hidden camera:
This maid has been working with them for a few years and they do not want the maid to know that they are monitoring her because they do not want to affect the relationship with the maid by openly monitoring her. Thatís why they could not use an ip camera.

They connect the router to the video server and the video server to the hidden camera. This way, they can monitor the maid and the child from their offices or from their mobile phones. The hidden camera is only 3.5 cm by 3.5 cm, with the lens size only 3mm by 3mm and they hide this camera behind a partition wall which has a power nearby. They use this power point to power the hidden camera. The power point cable to the hidden camera is a thin cable about 3 mm (like a handphone charger cable) and is very easy to hide. They chose a hidden camera with power supply so that they can on the hidden camera 24 hours.

The video server also has an SD card slot where they can put in an SD card (maximum 32GB that can record up to 2 weeks) in case they are not free to monitor.
Now shipping worldwide!
Wireless IP Hidden Camera
ALC wifi spy cam (2)
Why does this gadget stand out?
∑  This is the only wireless HIDDEN IP camera in Singapore 
∑  Accessible from anywhere in the world by Internet
   ∑  Easy recording into SD card
   ∑  SONY CCD 480 TVL high resolution
∑  Can hear through built-in microphone
   ∑  4 adjustable stands to compensate for uneven surface
∑  Looks and Works as a real 2-band AM/FM alarm clock radio
   ∑  Dual alarm clock, time projection display
   ∑  Extra large LED display 9"
   ∑  Price? S$550 only!
spy cam 2