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Name Healing Pot
Size (W x D x H) 140 x 120 x 150mm
Weight 550g
Color White & Brown/White & Blue
Manufacturer Made in Korea
Price Sale: S$39.90 (Normal price: S$79)
Purchase with Purchase: S$29.90
*Price not including plant.
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FUSO (feeling Up Stress Off)
Koreans love nature. One of the best way to destress is to enjoy nature. In Korea, this trend is call FUSO.

The Healing Pot is designed to do just that. It won a Good Design award for allowing anybody to grow plant in any place and any condition very easily and stress free!

Now everyone can enjoy a garden in the office, on the desk or at home!
Easy to grow:
Grow plants effortlessly. Anyone can become a gardener in any place, even on your desk!

Healthy growth:
The soil and hybrid design allows the plant to grow in the most healthy way.

The soil provides the nutrients (unlike hydroponic where you have to add nutrients to the water). The pot is designed at an angle that allows the plant to be tilted and yet absorbs the water through a wick mechanism.

This design leads to healthy growth of the plant. You just need to pour add once or twice a week. No fertiliser required.

The pot itself is like a piece of art and allows you to beautify your place in flexible and modular way.
Let your creative juices flow. Put a single pot to destress or a entire row to create a mini garden. You can even create a green wall.

Whatever you wish to do, it is definitely gonna be: FUSO
FUSO is not just about looking good. It also about feeling good and breathing good. Plants in your office, room or house will freshen up your space and you will live more healthily.
When we give, we feel happy.

Healing Pot is a perfect way to share your joy and your mini garden with somebody you love and care.

Good Design makes it highly portable and modular.