By Korea's leading kitchen accessories manufacturer with 40 yrs' experience.
"The practical drying racks for every kitchen."
Our manufacturer has been producing high quality drying racks for 40 years and they developed drying racks with automatic water drain function that many clients like. They have been exporting to developed countries like US, Australia & Europe. Now, we're launching it in Singapore.
Benefit #1: Small footprint, large space: Unlike other racks, this one is very thoughtfully designed. Firstly, it has enough space for plates, bowls, cutleries and even some space for drying of fruits or vegetables!

Benefit #2: Cutleries holder design with automatic drain function: Cutleries holder is deep enough so cutleries don't fall out. Automatic water drain function keep cutleries holder clean and dry. Very hygienic and convenient to use.
Benefit #3: Plate holders design:
Plate holders on both sides! Put as many plates as you have from small family of 2 to large family of 6! This dish rack allows you to keep using for many years as your family and your needs grow.

Benefit #4: Curved design:
Ladies love this! No metal parts, no sharp edges. The dish rack is designed with curves all round and protect your fingers as you wash and dry your dishes! Avoid accidental cuts!
5mm groove beside cutleries holder is designed to flow off the water.
In the cutleries holder, there is 5mm groove for water flow. The cutleries holder is deep enough so cutleries don't fall off.
Benefit #5: Slip-resistant surface: The surface is slip resistant to prevent utensils from slipping. Automatic water flow functions on both sides and water drains easily prevention the formation of foams thereby keeping utensils dry and clean.

Benefit #6: Easy to wash: Last but perhaps the most important benefit. Simple one-piece design without other plastic or metals parts means that this dish rack is very easy to wash. Just rinse under water or wash with washing detergent once a while and you have a squeaky clean dish rack!
Our dish drying racks in the news.
Our manufacturer has produced dish drying racks for 40 years. This dish drying rack is very practical and sophisticated in design, having won the good design award.

Its unique designs are explained below:
Benefit #1: Sophisticated knives and cutleries racks:
Design idea 1: The knives rack holds 3 knives in separate compartments for the storage of 3 different sizes of knives. The cutleries racks have 3 sections, each for a different type of cutlery.
Design idea 2: Knives and cutleries racks can be placed on either side.
Design idea 3: Racks are deep enough to hold knives and cutleries without dropping out yet easy to clean and dry. This is because they are designed to be easily removed for washing and has an automatic water drain function at the base.
This ensures that the knives and cutleries are kept clean, dry and bacteria-free.
Benefit #2: High-grade Korean stainless steel, rounded finishing:
We use high-grade Korean stainless steel which is rust-proof and durable. It is easily removable for easy cleaning. Round edges and finishes make it easy to use and wash. Prevents accidents.
Benefit #3: Multi-directional overflow control:
The only dish drying rack with overflow control that can be placed in all 4 sides of the rack ensuring that it can fit into any kitchen or sink. Specially designed to allow overflow water to flow easily without any stagnant water. Very dry and easy to maintain.
Benefit #4: Removable plate holder, rounded design:
The plate holder is removable, allowing the holder to be placed in any position in the rack. Ensures that you can keep the maximum number of plates, easy to reach and easy to clean. Stylish rounded design prevents accidents and damage to plates.
Benefit #5: Smart design and beautiful two-tone colors:
Choice of green & white or grey & ivory. High quality, stain-resistant & hygienic ABS material used throughtout.
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Model #1 Dish drying board
Size (W x D x H) 465 x 355 x 120mm
Weight 0.9kg
Material P.P
Manufacturer Korean OEM
Price S$69 (Normal price: S$119)
Plus free delivery promo.
Model #2 Dish drying rack
Size (W x D x H) 500 x 350 x 170mm
(stainless height: 400mm)
Weight 1 layer: 2.2kg
2 layrer: 3.2kg
Material A.B.S Stainless
Manufacturer Made in Korea
Price 1 layer: S$99 (Normal price: S$149)
2 layers: S$149 (Normal price: S$199)
Plus free delivery promo.
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