By Korea's leading kitchen accessories manufacturer with 40 yrs' experience.
"The practical cutting board for every kitchen."
Antibacterial cutting board.
Antibacterial effect 99.9%
Eco-friendly cutting board.
This Korean manufacturer has been producing eco-friendly products, using harmless materials to humans, since 1974. They have been exporting to developed countries like US, Australia & Europe. Now, we're launching it in Singapore.
Benefit #1: Made of advanced antibacterial material effective to 99.9%.
Rounded design looks tidy and pastel color makes your kitchen  fresh. It has separate pieces and antibacterial effect is 99.9%.
Is your cutting board made of antibacteria materials?
Why is it so important?
With regular usage, the cutting board develop grooves. Minute food particles get trapped in these grooves. Even the most thorough washing cannot 100% remove these minute food particles. Germs grow in the grooves and lead to food contamination. With our antibacterial material, the germs cannot grow in these grooves. Thereby restraining the propagation of germs.
To prevention cross-contamination, use a different board for different types of food: meat, vegetable, fish & fruits.
Benefit #2: 4 Pastel colors:
This cutting board composes 4 pieces which is different color: pink, ivory, green & mint.
Benefit #3: Specifications of material used:
Harmless & safe cutting board made of non-toxic material.
The material used to make these boards are made of high quality Polypropylene with anti-bacterial effect as explained above. In addition, they are resistant to smells and color of the food. We use the same grade as those used for medical appliances and baby products which do not have environmental hormones. Environmental hormones are chemical compounds harmful to our bodies and can disrupt human hormonal activities in our bodies leading to all kinds of health problems.

You can trust this cutting board made by reputable manufacturer since 1974.
Shock-resistant groove.
Slipping-resistant groove.
40 yrs of design and manufacturing experience in operation:

Benefit #4: Design idea 1
Picture shows effect of water flow grooves in operation. A large semi-circle drains juices and sauces and then around the board keeping the board clean and dry during the cutting process!

Benefit #5: Design idea 2.

Picture shows the case which is designed for easy cleaning. The case is deep enough to hold the boards and yet not too deep to be easily cleaned.
Benefit #6: Design idea 3.
Flower handle on top of each board allows easy and fast  removal and inserting of the boards and to distinguish the usage.
Benefit #7: Design idea 4.
The bottom of the case is open! Allowing the free flow of water and doesn't trap food particles! Yet keeping the boards firmly in place. One of our many superior design advantages.
Benefit #8: Fully tested and certified!
All the specs mentioned above are certified by relevant authorities:
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Name Cutting board set
(Matching knife set available)
Size (W x D x H) Cutting board: 350 x 70 x 255mm
Case: 355 x 77 x 145mm
Weight 1kg
Material A.B.S polypropylene
Heat-resisting temperature/
Cold-resisting temperature
120 oC / -20 oC
Components 4 pcs of cutting board & 1 case
Manufacturer Made in Korea
Price S$99 (Normal price: S$149)
Plus free delivery promo.
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