... Massage has so many benefits! Even general benefits like a sense of well-being and feelings of comfort and care is worth getting a good massage.

Of course, the best massage is by another human being. Unfortunately, this is not possible for most people due to cost, inconvenience and time factor.

So the next best alternative is getting some good, and very importantly, safe massage equipments.

At the Iconic massage centre, we have the widest range of massage solutions to meet all your needs.

The safety factor:

It is very important that the massager is manufactured according to strict safety standards.

Our massagers are designed and manufactured by award winning Korean company Zespa.

Safety award:

(Translation: ďThis certificate is awarded for contribution to consumers' safety.)

Business award:                                                   Industry award:

Meeting individual needs:

Each individual has different needs. Just like a good chair, there is no "one size fit all". For example, some people prefer a soft massage, some medium, some hard. Thatís why we have such a wide range of massagers to cater to each personís needs.
You can choose the right massager for you as each massager is categorised: Soft, medium or hard massager.

Letís take a foot massager for another example. Some people prefer a small massager due to lack of space at home or in the office. Thatís why we offer many types of foot massagers.

Letís look at another example. Some people prefer to have a specialised massager to target at different part of their body. For example, you want to target specially your neck then use the neck massager. Or you want to target your whole body at one go, then use the mattress massager etc.

So providing the widest range to meet different individualís needs or special requirements is another reason that makes us different.
Anti Stress Foldable Recliner for back massager
Sale: S$149
Anti Stress Soft Touch Massage Cushion
(Soft massage)

Sale: S$199
Anti-Stress In Cloud Zero Gravity Recliner
Sale: S$299
* For details, see "Terms".
Anti Stress Deep Sleep Massage Pillow
Sale: S$299
(Coming soon...)
Anti Stress Human Touch Body Massager
(Tapping & Heat

Sale: S$349
Anti Stress Human Touch Premium
Air Leg Massager (Tapping & Heat Therapy)

Sale: S$699
Anti Stress
Power Massager
(Strong massage)

Sale: S$119
Sale now on. No GST. Free Delivery.*
Anti Stress Compact Leg Massager
(Soft shell)

Sale: S$199
Anti Stress Human Touch Compact
Air Leg Massager
(Taping & Heat Therapy)

Sale: S$499
Anti Stress Premium Air Bag Massager
Sale: S$699
Anti Stress Premium Leg Massager
Sale: S$699
Anti Stress Beautiful Leg & Arm Massager
Sale: S$119
Anti Stress Beautiful Body Massager
Sale: S$299
Anti Stress Deep Sleep Massage Mattress
Sale: S$899
Anti Stress Octopus Head and Scalp Massager
Sale: S$79
Award Winning
Anti Stress Multipurpose Massager

Sale: S$499
(Coming soon...)
Anti Stress Healing Pot
Sale: S$39.90
Purchase with Purchase: S$29.90
The benefits of massage has been well established for a very long time. Benefits include: better sleep, stress relief, mood improvement, better circulation and pain relief etc. In fact, the famous Mayo Clinic recommends massage as complementary. It could be helpful for:

Anxiety, Digestive disorders, Fibromyalgia, Headaches, Insomnia related to stress,
Myofascial pain syndrome, Soft tissue strains or injuries, Sports injuries, Temporomandibular joint pain.

Even if you have no health issue to address, you can enjoy a good massage daily. A morning massage can make you feel invigorated and fresh especially if you didnít get a good night sleep and are suffering some body aches. An afternoon massage in the office/home can replace a nap as it can be done even while youíre working. A good massage before you sleep will help you sleep more soundly.

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(Coming soon...)
(Coming soon...)
Anti Stress Beat Power Tapping Massager
(Coming soon...)
Anti Stress Power Tapping Massager
(Coming soon...)

The only massager you need to get an exceptional full body massage.

The only Made in Korea Full Body Massager.

Normal Price: S$1,099       Sale Price: S$799

Special Intro Price: S$699
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