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Detail cut with more advantages:

Widest range of wood colors to suit your interior.

Standard colors:
Illustration: Acasia top with white powder-coated legs

Top quality finishing.

Made in Korea.
Advantage 11: Good design award winner.
Very easy to install & dismantle. Very stable construction. Very neat. Screw cover is provided.

This unique design allows you to customise your own bed frame/platform bed for all lengths, depths and widths.
Widest range of sizes available in Singapore! See examples:
Customise your own Made-in-Korea bed frame/platform bed at affordable prices.
Can combine multiple frames to make your own platform/platform bed!
Modular Designer System

"Create your own custom bed frame/platform bed easily!"

DIY Bed frame/Platform bed design is:
Revolutionary AniBed modular system allows you to easily create unlimited lifestyle furnitures.
Special colors:
(Add $30-$50)
Sale now on. No GST. Free Delivery.*
Installation instructions: Bed frames installation is so fast & simple. Anyone can do it!
Step 1: Join the vertical & horizontal pipes with screws provided.
Simple structure, assemble/disassemble easily. Very durable & stable as all the other joints are pre-factory welded with quality welding.
Step 2: Cover with a cap to hide screws.
Step 3: That's it! Your quality bed frame is ready to be used!
Korean Certification Mark, Eco-Friendly Furniture, Eco-Friendly Materials, Good Design Award.
Natural Oak
Light Cherry
Ash white
Advantage 8:
High quality made in Korea eco-friendly melamine bed board.

The melamine bed board we use is highly scratch & stain resistant. Compared to veneer which is easily scratched & stained.

Also much more heat and moisture resistant allowing our bed boards to be used in a wider range of environments & applications.
Advantage 9: Eco-friendly high quality Korean powder coating.
Gives you a much better finishing, protect against knocks and scratches. Keeps your bed frame rust-free compared to spray painting or lower grades of powder coating.
Leg with adjustable leveller. (Standard)
Leg with wheel.
Leg with lockable wheel. (Optional)
AniBed can be fitted with heavy-duty wheels (lockable or non-lockable).
Advantage 10: Leg can be fixed or mobile to create your own rolling/moving/moveable bed.
General purpose holder and wireless charger can be added to your bed board.
Heavy duty steel bolt with allen key hole for easy installation and safety.
Edging process using professional Korean edging machine.
Automated measuring of general purpose holder and wireless charging holes using computer.
Cutting of hole using professional Korean equipment.
O Price: S$99/set (include 4 wheels & bolts)
O Height: 74mm
O Static weight loading: 45kg
O Total: 45kg x 4 = 180kg
O Mobile weight: 45kg x 3 = 135kg
Heavy duty wheels:
O Price: S$149/set (include 4 wheels & bolts)
O Height: 100mm
O Static weight loading: 70kg
O Total: 70kg x 4 = 280kg
O Mobile weight: 70kg x 3 = 210kg
Extra heavy duty wheels:
Widest options available: Allow you to customize your bed frames/platform bed to your needs.

1. Customization: To customize your bed frame/platform bed to any size, just add S$100 to the nearest higher size for changes up to 2 dimensions. If change all 3 dimensions, add S$150. If you want to add wireless charger or cup holder etc, make sure you make the bed frame bigger than your mattress.
2. Built-in general purpose holder (for keys/coins/watch/stationary/drink etc.): add $59.
3. Charging hole with wireless charger: add $99 each.
4. Rounding of edges: add $15 per edge.
5. Colors: Standard color Maple/White. Total 11 colors. Add $30 to $50.
6. Above prices are special sale prices based on cash and carry, DIY basis.
7. Delivery charge: Single - S$35/bed, Super single - S$40/bed, Queen - S$45/bed, King - S$50/bed.
Customers to ensure bed can enter the lift and the unit. Use of stairs chargeable at $10/floor.
8.Installation charges: 15% of purchase price.

(Note: Depending on your applications, for Q and K size, it is recommended that you get 2 pcs of smaller frames. For e.g. If the users are heavy weight or your mattress is very heavy or you have children jumping on the bed etc.)
Solid core.
Made in Korea.
Other brands: Hollow core. Made in China.
AniBed bed frame:
With 18mm solid core Korean bed board:
With 18mm plywood bed board white side up:
With 18mm plywood bed board natural side up:
Standard single size bed frame
(190L x 91D x up to 73H cm):
With 18mm plywood bed board:

(Normal price: S$499)
With 18mm Korean bed board:
S$449 (Normal price: S$649)
Standard Super Single size bed frame
(190L x 107D x up to 73H cm):
With 18mm plywood bed board:
S$399 (Normal price: S$549)
With 18mm Korean bed board:
S$499 (Normal price: S$699)
Standard Queen size bed frame/platform bed
(190L x 152D x up to 73H cm):
With 18mm plywood bed board:
S$499 (Normal price: S$699)
With 18mm Korean bed board:
S$699 (Normal price: S$999)
Standard King size bed frame/platform bed
(190L x 183D x up to 73H cm):
With 18mm plywood bed board:
S$599 (Normal price: S$849)
With 18mm Korean bed board:
S$749 (Normal price: S$1,069)
Why buy AniBed? (AniBed design benefits.)

1. Customizable to any height, length, width:

a). To
fit any mattress size for e.g. If you're very tall, you need a longer mattress and bed or if you have space, you can make a smaller bed to fit your space.
b). You can make your bed frame/platform bed higher to
store big objects below eg. Luggage, iKea, Toyogo and other containers with wheels.
c). Make bed frame/platform bed higher -
easier to clean under the bed and make bed cooler for better circulation of air.
Seniors can make bed higher - easier to get up.
e). You can make the frame
wider or longer than your mattress so that you can put mobile phone, wireless charger, books etc on the bed frame/platform bed.
f). You can make the frame longer than your mattress so that you sit on the frame -
use as a bench.

Easy to install and dismantle when you don't it anymore or reconfigure or move house.

3. Easily dismantled and stored flat packed.
Takes up little space to keep.

Modular system allows you to grow into an entire bedroom set: Comes with widest range of modern, functional and practical accessories.

5. Made of heavy duty powder coated metal and solid core wood that can be dismantled and re-used many times and
last for very long time.

6. Made in Korea. Good quality, modern

7. Simple
modern design - can fit into any deco.