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Modular Designer System

"Create your own lifestyle furniture easily!"

DIY furniture design is:
Revolutionary AniFrame modular storage system allows you to easily create unlimited  lifestyle furnitures.
Most economical storage rack (eMart special 1.6mm rack):
(Normal price: S$249)
Color: Creamish white
Small designer storage rack:
with plywood/MDF:
with Korean shelves: S$199
(Normal price: S$299)

Color: Black/Creamish white
Medium designer storage rack:
with plywood/MDF:
with Korean shelves: S$279 
(Normal price: S$399)
Color: Black/Creamish white
Large designer storage rack:
with plywood/MDF:
w/ Korean shelves: S$349
(Normal price: S$499)
Color: Black/Creamish white
Washing machine designer cabinet:
w/ plywood/MDF:
w/ Korean shelves: S$219
(Normal price: S$319)
Color: Black/Creamish white
TV designer cabinet:
(Normal price: S$299)
Color: Black/Creamish white

1). Frame colors: Black (standard). Creamish white (can order.)
2). Plywood shelves: Local plywood. (For bomb shelter, storage.)
3). Korean shelves: Made in Korea shelves laminated on all sides. (For display.)
     The standard is 9mm wood color.
Cutstomers' applications and reviews:
The quality of the shelves speaks for itself. Especially the black metal columns. Can't find anywhere in Singapore! Also available in white!
- Kigi Pte Ltd -                                                               
Thanks to Iconic for the wonderful and optimal usage of space that the Aniframe Storage Rack has help created for my residential store-room. The installation was really easy and completely boltless as claimed by the iconic portal home-page. The metallic frames by the side also provide space for mini display that I can use to display my magnetic decorations. The handy slots along the sides also facilitate hooks that I can easily attach to support portable trash bin for holding unused plastic bags and much more. It was indeed a relief to have this nice looking rack organized my storage boxes that would otherwise have given me endless headache. Thank you, Iconic for making it pleasant for me to access my store room each time. I highly recommend this useful and dashing shelving rack to anyone.
-  Mr Sim, Bishan St. -
Maximise your space:
Organise your house:
Organise your balcony:
Orgainse your F&B cooking area or kitchen:
Organise your workshop:
Designer office at affordable prices:
How fast? Assembly time? 10 minutes only!
"It's time to revolutionise the shelves, tables and DIY industry!"
Low price and super easy and fast assembly.

Boltless & unique design
: only a rubber hammer needed, no other tools and no skill required.
Strong & safe:100-200kg loading per level.
Robust construction: Revolutionary square holes vs round holes design.
Example of how to install a display/storage rack using AniFrame:
(Note: you can use AniFrame to create virtually anything, not just display/storage racks!)
Installation notes:
a). When creating a ladder section, please ensure the left and right sides are level.

b). Create ladder sections on left and right side first, then join together with a horizontal frame.
Types of joints:
To join 2 shelves or 2 pieces of furniture, use a connector horizontal frame on the outside.
To create a normal vertical frame, use a regular horizontal frame on the inside.
Showing how easy it is to create the second rack.
Connect 2 racks by using a
connector horizontal frame on the middle ladder section.
Picture showing 2 racks connected. The time needed to connect the second rack is easier than the first.
Detailed pictures showing how the connections look like.
Joining the middle section.
Assembling 3 racks:
Joining the 3 racks together.
Assembling 4 racks:
Joining the 4 racks together.
Featured in KBS: So strong can withstand the weight of 2 adults!
Featured in MBC drama.
Featured in MBC drama.
Featured in MBN News.
Featured in KBS show.
Korean drama & news showing AniFrame shelves and racks in use:
What are the benefits:
3. Upgrade: Stronger than before!
Square holes versus others which are round holes to provide maximum stability.
Types of shelves:
- 9 mm Korean shelves (laminated on all sides.)
- 9 mm MDF (not laminated.)
- 9 mm plywood (natural finish.)
Vertical frame:
- POSCO steel.
- 100% made in Korea.
- 1.6/2.0 mm.
Horizontal frame:
- POSCO steel.
- 100% made in Korea.
- 1.6/2.0 mm.
Patented & Ceritified:
Square holes.
Before: Outdated type of racking system.
After: Revolutionary AniFrame modular system.
Components of standalone rack example:
Safety washer:
Assemble on the vertical frame.
Vertical frame:
Normally needs 4 pieces. From any size to 2400mm available to suit all your needs!
Horizontal frame:
From 300mm to 1500mm to suit all your needs.
Shelves: For display shelves, use our beautiful Elephant skin Korean shelves or simply use plywood for storage shelves.

Other options available for other furniture are glass, marble and granite tops.
Components of connecting rack:
1. Connection horizontal frame for connecting the next rack.
2. If the depth of the rack is 50cm or more, use a sub-frame in the center to support the shelf. If less than 50cm, no sub frame is needed.
Connection horizontal frame (rack depth) 50 cm.
Connection horizontal frame (rack depth) 60 cm.
Sub-frame 20 cm.
Sub-frame 30 cm.
Sub-frame size to use:
Rack depth:
Question: What is different between standalone rack and connecting rack?
Answer: The quantity of the vertical frames needed are different.
Standalone rack:
There are 4 pieces of vertical frames so that it can stand alone.
Connecting rack:
Only 2 pieces of vertical frames required.
Connecting racks require at least one standalone rack to attach to.
Possible configurations:
Standalone rack + standalone rack
Pros & cons of this combination:
Pros: Easy to shift.
Cons: Cost is higher and occupies more space.
1 standalone rack plus multiple connecting racks.
Connect an unlimited number of connecting racks to just one standalone rack!
Components of standalone rack example:
Components of connecting rack:
Pros & cons of this combination:
Pros: Easy to shift.
Cons: Cost is higher and occupies more space.
Standalone rack + Connecting rack
Standalone + Connecting rack......   
We have the widest range of sizes available in the market!
Maximum weight with minumum space and cost:
Usage tip:
Spread out the load evenly, instead of concentrating at one point.
Deconcentrated load.
Concentrated load.
Easily adjustable shelves.
Adjust the intervals according to the size of items.
Application examples and tips:
Make the intervals wide if the items are big.
Make the intervals narrow if the items are small.
Make the intervals wide and narrow if the items are irregular sizes.
Make the intervals wide and narrow if the items are irregular sizes.
Put the most often used items at eye level.
Average interval sizes of three-shelves:
Average interval sizes of four-shelves:
Average interval sizes of five-shelves:
Average interval sizes of six-shelves:
Average interval sizes of seven-shelves:
Average interval sizes of eight-shelves:
The above sizes are average sizes only and may vary.
Terms used:

Width: Left to right.
Depth: Front to back.
Height: Bottom to top.
Shelf: The number of shelves.
When ordering, please refer to the number of shelves needed, instead of space. The available space is number of shelves minus 1.
Two-shelves.       Three-shelves.           Four-shelves.          Five-shelve.
Six-shelves.          Seven-shelves.        Eight-shelves.           Nine-shelves.
AniFrame modular system can be used to design all sorts of furnitures, not just racks.
Can easily attach wheels to form mobile furnitures.
Only 1 rubber hammer needed. No skills required. Anyone can do it in 10 mins!
All sorts of lengths, widths and heights. Can go up to 2.4m (not shown here.)
Design your own designer library for homes and offices.
Designer systems not cheap looking racks!
Professional finishing. Good for retail outlets.
Square holes system is so robust, bottom need only 3 horizontal frames instead of traditional 4.
So strong! Can handle all sorts of industrial, retail, office and home loads.
By Korea's top frames system manufacturer since 1981:
Top Korean global company of frame system since 1981.
Global innovation company exporting to U.S. & Japan.
100% made in Korea.
Patented & certified internally and externally. Awarded Global Standard Management award. Ensuring top quality and finishing.
Factory, manufacturing & packaging:
* For details, see "Terms".
Some reasons why customers choose us compared to other boltless storage racks/shelves in Singapore:

1). Widest range of sizes (to fit any space):

We have the widest range of sizes available in Singapore.You can create anything to fit into any space you need.

Length available: 300,400,500,600, 700, 800, 900, 1000, 1100, 1200 & 1500mm
Depth available: 300,400,500,600, 700, 800, 900, 1000, 1100, 1200 &1500mm
Height: Any height up to 2400mm (standard height 750mm, 1200mm, 1500mm, 1800mm, 2100mm, 2400mm). Other sizes can be cut easily to customise to your needs.

So whether you're looking for a rack just for your storeroom or bomb shelter or designing display shelves for your offices, retail shops, living, study or bedroom room, we have the best boltless rack system for you.

2). Thick but slim profile (for stronger, safer, more storage space):

Our frames are the thickest compared to similar types. Ours is 1.6/2.0mm versus other cheaper types which are 0.8, 1.0 & 1.2mm. Thickness of the steel used is very important. A thick steel means we donít have to be broad to give the same or higher strength.

Our thick but slim profile has many advantages. Including: You get very strong frames without having to have big profiles and you donít need thick wood or metal shelves to support. This means easier to handle, install, dismantle, pack up, relocate and most importantly more usable space! You donít want to use thick, heavy, ugly looking industrial racks for your offices or homes!

3). Unique square holes (more durable and can be used and reused countless times without compromising strength):

Compared to other boltless racks, ours is the only one with square holes and square clips. Benefits of square holes:

Compared to others with round holes, our square holes has 4 points of contact versus 2.This means more than 2X the strength. And because ours is 1.6mm compared to 0.8 or 1.0mm, you get more than 4X times the strength of other boltless racks!

A boltless rack is only as strong as its joints so the stronger the joints, the better and more durable it is. This means you can reuse it again and again without the rack being shaky.

4). Finishing (more attractive and more effective against rust):

Ours is the only Korean shelving that is 100% made in Korea using good quality Korean steel from the No.1 Korean steel manufacturer, Posco.

This means the rack will last longer and remain rust-free than those using inferior materials.
The finishing is top quality Korean powder coated finish using eco-friendly powder coating with no harmful chemicals or thinners. Using a unique powder coating process, the surface is heated to 250 degrees C to make the surface more smooth (giving a more attractive appearance) and prevent rust more effectively.

The superior finishing means that the rack or furniture you designed will look as nice in your homes as the office without the rough and ugly look of other racks which are more suitable in warehouses.

5). Many accessories available (allows you to optimise the storage of your items);

Many accessories are available, allowing you to expand as your needs changes:

Cloths hangar set (consisting of 2 cloths hangar frame and one rod  that can be cut to any size).
Custom made plastic moulded hooks for hanging your bags, caps, often used clothing and other items.
Stationary, cosmetic, jewellery and small item holders for storage of your small items.
Plus many other accessories coming soon...

6). Colors (to fit your color scheme):

Available in 2 attractive designer colors (attractive black matted finish or creamish white) to fit any color scheme in your office or home.
See examples:
Other options available:
1. Super easy and fast to install. Only rubber hammer needed. No skils required. Under10 mins.
2. Different material. Made of POSCO high quality steel. Korea's leading steel manufacturer.
Assembling 2 racks:
100 - 150 kg per shelf (1.6mm frames)
150 - 200 kg per shelf (2.0mm frames)
Above prices are for black color. For creamish white color, add S$20.