Partiton name 4 Season acrylic partition
Size (w x t x h) 450/600/700/750/800/900/1000/1100/1200
x 45 x 1050/1200/1500/1800
Manufacturer Made in Korea
Color Red/Black/Sky blue/Yellow/
Price S$229 (Normal price: S$349)
Set of 3: S$549
(2pcs 600, 1pc 1200)
Changeable panel: S$69 (Normal price: S$149)
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Colour your room. Colour your life!
* The color panel is changeable. The additional panel is available as optional items.
Each season brings the joy of a different color. Experience the freshness of different seasons by simply changing the color panel. Color from a palette of 9 cool colors!
   Durable and sophisticated.
   Colorful and economical.
   How to change the panel:
Changeable panels.
   Before change.
First remove the cap, unscrew the bolts, open the frame and change the panel. Very easy.
Changing the panel in the partition. Easy to change. Change a different color to suit the season, mood or event in your company. Create a different environment or atmosphere easily!
   L-frame for attaching adjustable partition leg.
Strong and durable adjustable partition leg for balancing the partition. No shaking!
   Professional finishing bar.
Good quality T-joint for a professional look.
Good quality cross joint for a firm joint.
Good quality corner L-joint for a firm and professional look.
Acrylic purple
Acrylic bronze
Acrylic navy
Acrylic orange
Acrylic green
Acrylic transparent
   Tested and certified:
Widest range of sizes and colors to choose from:  
4 different heights and 8 different widths.
9 cool colors to choose from.
For total privacy and best sound screen.
For superior privacy and medium sound screen.
For medium privacy and easy communication.
For average privacy and good communication.
Our partitions offer the widest range of configurations to easily configure to your needs and as your needs change. Below are some illustrations:
  Compact configuration.
   With a supervisor table.
   Collaborative configuration.
   With supervisors/team leaders.
   Manager's station with meeting table.
   Manager's station with privacy.
Compact configuration with 1400 mm L shaped tables.
Compact configuration with 1600 mm L shaped tables.
Configuration for 5 x 1800mm tables - collaborative environment.
Configuration for 5 x 1800mm tables - privacy environment.
   After change.
Acrylic red
Acrylic black
Acrylic skyblue
Acrylic yellow