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IP Cameras
It is the only surveillance camera that can be set up in minutes by anybody at home or in the office.

Promo price for ICONIC IP cameras from
S$229 only!
Like iconic people and buildings, iconic gadgets stand out from the crowd!

We are obsessed to serve those who love to be different. So every year, we carefully evaluate thousands of the latest gadgets by thousands of manufacturers and select only a few which are truly different and deserve the ICONIC label.

  We buy in bulk from manufacturers and pass on savings to you (no minimum order quantity required   
    from us.)
  Reputable supplier with excellent track record & exceptional customer service since 2003
  No fanciful advertising and packaging. We pass on savings to you.
  No expensive showrooms or retail shops. No middleman's profits. We pass on savings to you.
  You simply get the best value, functions and design.

Testimonials & Case Studies...
The ICONIC camera is the world's #1 easiest-to-use IP camera!
Hidden/ Spy  Cameras
Turn your conventional CCTV into IP camera using the ICONIC video server for S$299 only!
ICONIC hidden/spy camera + video server
S$399 only!
Case Study...
SME Solutions
The ICONIC Time Recorder machine is a compact and economical daily calculating time recorder suitable for a small work force being strong, cost effective, ideal for an office/ industrial environment; easy to use and operate straight from the box from S$399 only!
Best designs!
For music listening...
For chorus singing/karaoke...
For speech announcement...
For home entertainment...

All is possible with this speaker system.
That's why we called it ICONIC multi-function speaker.
Wireless Video Intercom
Convenient to install and simple to use.
Save installation cost of $500 or more!
S$499 only! Buy now!
Cutting edge. Impressive design.

Suitable for apartments, condo, office and landed properties (waterproof).

Wireless up to 300m.
The ICONIC Multi-function (MF) speaker utilises the patented ART technology that allows each speaker set to become a complete audio reproduction unit as well as a part of audio system.

       What's in the bottle of essential oil?

ICONIC essential oils are sourced and manufactured under extremely stringent conditions and carry the most number of labels from approving authorities.
Have the peace of mind that you're breathing in exactly what's indicated in our bottle.
S$29 only
Made in
ICONIC ergonomic office chairs
No. 1 importer of Korean office chairs. Widest range. Lowest prices.
Made in
4. unique ICONIC differences:
1. Ergonomics: lumbar, upper back and neck supports. Specialise in chairs for back/neck support.
2. Comfort: Contoured seats with thick high density foam. Designed and manufactured in Korea for Asian body forms.
3. Widest range:  Every body shape is different, having the widest range means that you can find one that suits your body shape.
4. Lowest prices.
What our clients say:
"Whoa, these chairs are so comfortable."
"They look better than the photos."
"Whoa, so many types. Finally I can find one that suits me!"
"These chairs are so unique, cannot find outside."
"Surprisingly affordable!"
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Case studies
ICONIC Korean office/study tables
ICONIC office partitions
Color your life!
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Color plays an important part in this enjoyment.
Choose your favorite color from a palette of 13 colors.

With Iconic tables, you can now enjoy your favorite color table at good prices and Korean quality.
A table is more than a piece of furniture to write on. It is a piece of art to enjoy everyday.
Color your life!

A partition is more than just to provide privacy.
Color has therapeuticeffects. It can soothe the soul.
It can excite. It can motivate. It can inspire!

That's why we provide the widest range of partition materials and colors to suit every need.

We even have partitions that you can easily change the color according to your mood or purpose.
Go to our partition dept and explore the widest range of partitions ever available.

(If you need more, just drop us a note and we'll get back to you with more choices. Just like our chairs and tables, we have many more choices not in our website.)
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